Cambodia sailor

Cambodia auto auction

Tsukumo who sells secondhand car in Japan will exhibit "Original Japan" car or motorcycle used car to Cambodia's auto auction.


Used car of good quality

Tsukumo who deals with used car sales offers cheap prices for used cars of good quality and motorcycles so that they can support the Cambodian national interest and the rich lives of the people through advice and consultation of the Japan Trade Promotion Agency (JETRO) The purpose is that.

Used Japanese cars of good quality are genuine parts that can be used for secondhand cars purchased from US, of course quality is excellent as well as durability and functionality.

Original Japan

Motorbike that is sold in Cambodia is a motorcycle manufactured in Cambodia and Thailand manufacturing factories, secondhand cars made by Cambodia are often seen.
We will export Japanese original used car manufactured in Japan to Cambodia.


Original Japanese motorcycle imports Honda · Suzuki · Kawasaki · Yamaha.
The displacement is exported mainly from 50 cc to 125 cc and is sold at stores.


Used parts

Second-hand parts will provide clean parts by taking out genuine parts from the same model in Japan.

This genuine part is taken out by disassembling the car at its own factory in Cambodia.
We will import missing genuine second-hand parts from second-hand parts sales shops in Japan after receiving your order.

Second-hand parts are planned to be exported from Cambodia to Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Brunei, Singapore etc.


Public Relations Activity

TV commercials, radio broadcasting, homepage, twitter, and facebook.