Outline of export

Automobile company Tsukumo aims to promote sales promptly based on the capital city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in order to sell secondhand cars, sell used motorcycles, and sell genuine parts in 10 ASEAN countries.


Used car

Secondhand cars are looking for cars that match the conditions you desire from Japanese auto auction, and export the used cars after having checked maintenance, and transport it in Phnom Penh from the Cambodia Sihanoukville Port.

Please let me know the condition of the car.
A maker,a car model,an age type,the color of the car,the budget for car.
I accept an order and the consultation by an e-mail.

The terms and conditions apply parakeet terms 2009 and calculate it at an FOB price,but tell it about CFR price and a CIF price if they hope to contract freight insurance in a japanese insurance conmpany.

When exporting,you need commercial invoice,packing list,Bill of Loading (B/L),insurance policy.
When exporting cars from Japan to Cambodia, it takes 13 days to Sihanoukville port.
Also, even if you order, it is not always possible to find the car you want.
Three to seven days until you purchase at an auto auction in Japan and the car arrives at our company.
Calculating the number of days required for the export procedure and the number of days to be transported to the port of Japan, the schedule of container ships to be transported to Cambodia will take a total of 30 days.


Second hand motorcycle

Like second-hand car,second-hand motorcycles look for vehicles that match the conditions you desire from the auto auction in Japan, carry out inspections and export them, and we will ship from Cambodia Sihanoukville port to Phnom Penh.

Please let me know the condition of the car.

Car manufacturer,model,year,color of car,budget,etc.
Orders and consultations are accepted by e-mail.

The terms and conditions are calculated using the FOB price by applying Incoterms 2009, but if you wish to contract cargo insurance at a Japanese insurance company, we will inform you of CFR price and CIF price.

When exporting,you need commercial invoice,packing list,Bill of Loading (B/L),insurance policy.

Since we have about 20 stocks in our motorcycle shop Cambodia store,we can also buy it at the shop front.


Used parts

Second-hand parts will provide clean parts by taking out genuine parts from the same model in Japan.

This genuine part is taken out by disassembling the car at its own factory in Cambodia.
We will import missing genuine second-hand parts from second-hand parts sales shops in Japan after receiving your order.

Second-hand parts are planned to be exported from Cambodia to Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Brunei, Singapore etc.


Public Relations Activity

TV commercials, radio broadcasting, homepage, twitter, and facebook.